Do It Best Ghana

About Us

Highland ID City Ltd is a Ghanaian company registered under the laws of Ghana. The company owns the DOITBEST franchise in Ghana.

DOITBEST GHANA is the smart choice, providing a comprehensive range of solutions to meet the needs of Ghana’s residential and commercial construction projects.

We are part of DOITBEST Corp; a member-owned company headquartered in the USA. DOITBEST Corp member stores are located in the United States and in 50 countries worldwide. This allows us to leverage over 67,000 product options, 7000 vendors, and purchasing power of more than $2 billion.

The company ensures that quality is not compromised by adhering to the stringent regulatory environment subscribed to by the USA. All our products manufactured in the USA and elsewhere go through a stringent quality control process. We transfer these values to our clients through a disciplined and efficient supply chain structure, competitive pricing, quality product, and service offerings thereby helping clients create cost effective, sustainable, and intelligent solutions.

Product Lines/Suppliers.

DOITBEST has a diverse supplier and vendor base strategically positioned to provide quality products. With 67,000 items in the global DOITBEST catalogue, we’re sure you’ll find just what you need! We carry many international brands that you trust.

Builder’s Choice Program.

The program provides tailored solutions to clients interested in customized products or bulk purchases for specific projects. Through our vast vendor network and partnerships with international brands, we offer clients with a perfect blend of style, and quality options at competitive price points. From contemporary, transitional, and traditional solutions, we will work you directly to understand your vision and help craft your dreams into reality. Your vision and our brands/products combine to create a myriad palette of possibilities at a price you can afford. We are just a phone call away.