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Unic Tap

Dynamism and simplicity give birth to a single control mixer Unic, resulting in an irresistible and uncontested piece for those seeking for distinctiveness and modernity without paying an extra charge.

Viva Bath & Shower Mixer

The Viva Bath & Shower Mixer features a ceramic cartridge and non-orientable aerator. The result is an elegant and contemporary piece that enhances the aesthetics of any bathroom.

Viva Tap with Pop-up

Viva combines geometrical harmony with ecology. The appearance reveals an up-to-date aesthetic effect and the function allows water saving levels hard to match.


Contemporary hip is in town. New yet sensible, straightforward yet vibrant. Winplus mimics silhouettes of crosses and straight lines into practical novelty. Perfect for the modest family looking for that extra bit of trendy fun in everyday bathroom living. Perfect for the young millennial looking to inject a fun personality into his/her bathroom.

XS Tap

The XS faucet design masterfully combines the mastery of the traditional shapes in models that are also sparing in their size. The particular shape of the handle adds ergonomy and usability to a solid set of faucets.